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Had a crush on a pretty pistol

Should I tell her that I feel this way

I wanna draw a picture, draw it with a twist
22 November
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She was not as pretty as women I know
and yet all your best made of sunshine and snow

-My Kate by Elizabeth Barret Browning

if death is your father you don't need to worry about what part of his body the disease will strike next. if death is your lover, you don't have to worry about him ever leaving you. - echo

This is Ida. Inside she is just a little girl.

I am a poet, an artist (or trying to be), I listen to music obsessively, watch movies with the same vigour, I read trashy novels and biographies.
I am a dreamer.

I have a community dedicated to the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind called tangerine_skies

i actually am coming off rather emo and sad but really i am stupidly happy most of the time, and love to make people laugh. i am an optimist and it's enough to make one sick. i enjoy comedies but they usually end up being dark comedies. i'm actually really a happy person. but we all have our days, don't we?

Tales of heartbreak
tales of woe
all i really needed to show
were crayons and taffy
all stuffed in mind
from when i was little
from when i was blind.

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